Brad Schmitz

Creative Technologist

Hi there! I'm Brad Schmitz, and I'm currently an associate software engineer for ClickTime in San Francisco, CA. I graduated from Miami University (OH) in May 2021, with a BS in Computer Science, a BA in Interactive Media Studies, and Minors in Music Composition and Music Performance. I'm a huge nerd for technology, design, and music, and my main focus has been to find ways to make these realms intersect. My main skill is in programming and software development, but also am skilled in software such as Unreal, Unity, TouchDesigner, Maya, Blender, and Ableton.


My main areas of interest include...

  • Video and motion design
  • 3D design
  • Augmented / virtual Reality
  • Computer graphics
  • Web application development
  • Music composition and production

When not working, my hobbies include music performance (I play guitar, saxophone, and piano) & production, playing video games, working out, and simply vibing.

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Gathering at the Poet's Shack

The Gathering at The Poet’s Shack took place on November 16, 2020, from 7:30pm-10pm in Bishop Woods at Miami University in Oxford, OH. Our goal was to promote the democratization of the arts, creating a more open and vibrant public discourse through the use of technology, and allowing all voices to be heard and to celebrate poetry and creativity throughout time.

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From The Ground Up

  • Year Written: 2019
  • Software Used: Ableton Live, Max4Live
  • Fun Facts: The name of this piece has a double meaning:

    1) nearly all of this piece was written using audio sythesia, via the help of a Doepfer Analog Modular System and Max4Live

    2) the song is meant to convey feelings of "ascending", from on-the-ground spy song to heavenly chorus

Pixel Jet: Title Theme

  • Year Written: 2013
  • Software Used: FamiTracker
  • Fun Facts: I wrote this as the main theme for a Scratch video game I made in 2013, which was a winner of the National Stem Video Game Challenge!

Heist (for string quartet)

  • Year Written: 2020
  • Software Used: MuseScore
  • Fun Facts: Hope you like odd time signatures - this song is pretty much entirely in 7/8 time!

Devoid (for piano)

  • Year Written: 2015
  • Software Used: FL Studio
  • Fun Facts: The title "Devoid" has two meanings, which are its original meaning (empty), but also "de-void" (remove the void from). This piece switches between the meanings: starting off empty, then building, then becoming empty again in the end.


  • Year Written: 2020
  • Software Used: FL Studio (EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra soundfont)
  • Fun Facts: This song is a composition for symphony orchesta, meant to convey the dark and metallic nature of an evil metal forge. This is done through the heavy use of percussion (including an anvil) and lots of deep instruments and voices (including a male choir).

Landward Ho!

  • Year Written: 2017
  • Software Used: FL Studio (EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra soundfont)
  • Fun Facts: This song is a composition for symphony orchesta, meant to sound like a film score piece. This song tells the story of a ship leaving port to discover new lands, expericing various emotions along the journey, including homesickness (~1:05) and discovery (~2:41).